p-Aminobenzamidine Agarose

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ρ-Aminobenzamidine Agarose primary application is for the removal and/or purification of trypsin-like proteases.  ρ-aminobenzamidine (PAB) is a synthetic inhibitor of trypsin-like proteases and has been covalently coupled to 6% crosslinked agarose.
ρ-aminobenzamidine agaroses have been used to purify a large range of specific proteins, including serine proteases.  The proteins purified include:


Thrombin (Bovine)


Enterokinase (human)







For recombinant protein purification, the ρ-Aminobenzamidine Agarose can be used to remove the serine proteases (thrombin and enterokinase) that are used for cleavage of recombinant protein purification tags. 
The ρ-Aminobenzamidine Agarose also contains a 6- carbon spacer arm between the ρ-Aminobenzamidine group and the agarose beads, making it suitable for coupling of small proteins and peptides.  The long spacer arm minimizes steric hindrance allowing high efficient binding of ligands, including small proteins and peptides.


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  • Ligand: ρ-Aminobenzamidine
  • Ligand concentration: 8µmol ρ-Aminobenzamidine/ml drained resin
  • 8-14mg trypsin/ml drained resin binding capacity
  • Matrix: 6% crosslinked agarose
  • Partice size: 45-165µm
  • pH stability 3-11



  • Removal and/or purification of trypsin, trypsin-like serine proteases.
  • Removal and/or purification of zymogens, inclduing urokinase and prekallikrein.
  • removal of thrombin and factor Xa have cleavage of tags from recombinant proteins



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