p-Hydroxyphenylglyoxal (HPG)

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HPG (p-hydroxyphenylglyoxal) reacts to specifically modify arginine residues under mild conditions to yield spectrophotometrically measurable signal for amino acid detection.


Features of HPG:

• Arginine-specific—reacts specifically with arginine residues under mild conditions (pH 7 to 9, 25°C)

• Quantitative—reaction follows Beer’s Law at 5 to 50 µM and can be monitored at 340nm (pH 9)

• Superior to alternatives—more resistant to oxidation than p-nitrophenylglyoxal and more water-soluble than phenylglyoxal



  • Alternative names: HPG monohydrate
  • Chemical name: (p-Hydroxyphenyl)glyoxal; (4-Hydroxyphenyl)(oxo)acetaldehyde
  • Reactive toward: Arginine (Arg, R)
  • Chemical formula: C8H6O3
  • CAS number: 197447-05-5; 24645-80-5
  • Molecular weight: 150.13 (supplied as monohydrate: 168.15)
  • Form: Off-white crystalline powder



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