Parylene Encapsulated Neodymium Iron Boron Stir Disc, 48 MGO, 3mm Diameter, Pk100

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DescriptionNeodymium Iron Boron Stir Disc (3mm) with 48 MGO, Pk100. The VP 782N series of Parylene encapsulated Samarium Cobalt discs do not have the protective PTFE provided with alternative stir discs. This makes them more vulnerable to degradation. The VP 782N-XX variety or stir bars are heat resistant to 80C and can’t be sterilised by autoclaving.These stir discs can still be used without a protective PTFE shell in various ‘once only’ stirring applications that require an economical disposable stirrer.SpecificationMagnetic material: Neodymium Iron BoronEncapsulation material: ParyleneMagnet Strength: 48 MGOOperating Temp: 80CDiamater: 3mmThickness: 0.7mmPack Size: 100