Pearl™ Antibody Clean Up Kit

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Purified and commercial antibodies are routinely stored in buffers containing bovine serum albumin (BSA) and gelatin that act as stabilizers during long term storage. In routine applications, such as ELISA, Western blotting and other immunodetection techniques, these proteins generally do not interfere. The presence of the protein stabilizers do interfere with antibody labeling and conjugation techniques, including biotinylation, fluorescent dye labeling, covalent antibody immobilization and antibody fragmentation experiments.


The Antibody Clean Up kit is designed for the rapid clean up of antibody solutions using a combination of our Pearl™ IgG Purification Resin to remove the protein stabilizers and SpinOUT™ desalting columns to ensure the antibody solutions are in an optimal buffer for clean up. The Pearl™ IgG Purification Resin binds the high abundant, non-IgG proteins (i.e. BSA and gelatin) and allows the IgG molecules to pass through in a physiological buffer. 


For the purification of ten 0.5ml IgG samples with up to 1% BSA and gelatin.



  • Remove BSA and Gelatin protein stabilizers
  • Supplied with SpinOUT™ columns to ensure optimal conditons for antibody clean up
  • Supplied with Pearl™ IgG Purification Resin for antibody clean up
  • Suitable for 10 x 0.5ml IgG Samples



  • Remove BSA & Gelatin protein stabilizers that interfere with antibody labeling, fragmentation and isotyping experiments.



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