Pearl™ Monoclonal IgG Purification Kit

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The Pearl™ Monoclonal IgG Purification kit allows for the rapid purification of antibodies from cell culture supernatant and ascites fluid. The Pearl™ IgG Purification Resin binds the high abundant, non-IgG proteins (i.e. albumin) and allows the IgG molecules to pass through in a physiological buffer. The IgG molecules can be stored or used in downstream applications without further clean-up, such as ammonium sulfate precipitation.


The Pearl™ Monoclonal IgG Purification kit can be used to purify antibodies direct from cell culture supernatant with less than 10% FBS or can be used with ascites fluid after treatment with the supplied Ascites PreTreat.


The Pearl™ Monoclonal IgG Purification kit can purify IgG from ~1L cell culture supernatant or 200ml ascites fluid.


Also availlable are complete IgG Purification Kits, which are available in two formats:

A spin format that is ideal for the rapid, small scale purification of IgG. The kit is supplied with 3ml Pearl™ IgG Purification Resin, IgG Isolation Buffer and 20 spin columns.  Suitable for purifying up to 25mg IgG.

A larger format kit is supplied with 25ml Pearl™ IgG Purification Resin and IgG Isolation Buffer and is suitable for the isolation of IgG from ~100ml serum (~200mg 1gG).



  • Isolate monoclonal antibodies for ascites fluid or cell culture supernatant
  • Supplied with ascites pretreatment reagent for optimal IgG purification
  • For 1L of cell culture supernatant or 0.2L ascites fluid



  • Monoclonal antibody isolation from ascites fluid or cell culture supernatant



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