Plasmid Isolation (Solid Particle)

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Bacterial plasmids, the non-genomic transferable DNA, can easily be purified from bacteria using numerous techniques.  The purification of DNA is important for genetic research as it provides a source of transferable DNA and allows researchers to isolate large amounts of recombinant DNA.


A second commonly used technique for plasmid isolation, following lysis of bacteria, is when the DNA is immobilized on a glass particle support, where it can be washed free of contaminants and then the purified DNA is eluted.


Students learn an alternative technique for plasmid purification, utilizing a DNA binding solid support to purify the DNA from a bacterial lysis.


Supplied with components needed for hands-on experimentation for six workstations of 4-5 students or 24-30 students. Supplied with Teacher’s Guide and separate Student’s Guides.



  • Teaches bacterial lysis
  • Teaches solid phase DNA purification



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