Protease-PhosphataseArrest™ [100X]

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 G-Biosciences Protease-Phosphatase Arrest provides full protection of protein samples from proteases and phosphatases released during the preparation of cell and tissue lysates. Our Protease-PhosphataseArrest™ contains both irreversible and reversible protease inhibitors to inhibit serine, cysteine and other proteases along with 5  phosphatase inhibitors that target all the phosphatase categories: serine/threonine (Ser/Thr) specific, tyrosine specific and dual specificity phosphatases.

Supplied as a vial of ProteaseARREST™ and a vial of PhosphataseARREST™.


  • Complete protection of Proteins – Contains both protease and phosphatase inhibitors
  • Optional Metalloprotease Inhibitor – 0.5M EDTA is supplied separately as an optional metalloprotease inhibitor
  • Convenient Pack sizes – Four sizes to match your desired volume
  • Format – Supplied as two vials of each cocktail in a ready to use format at 100X concentration


  • Protects protein samplesfrom Proteases and Phosphatases activites during the extraction and purification from cells and tissues.

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