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Protein-OUT™ is a unique washing solution that cleans plastic and glassware used in the proteolytic digestion and peptide isolation for mass spectrometry analysis.  The rinsing of plastic and glassware with Protein-OUT™ will remove interfering chemicals and peptides that can leach from the tube walls and interfere or suppress the mass spectrometry signal.  In addition, rinsing with Protein-OUT™ removes inadvertent contamination with dust and keratin.  A simple rinse will prevent the need for repeat experiments, saving both time and money.


A more cost effective alternative to siliconized tubes.


Protein-OUT™ is supplied in 50ml bottles and this is suitable for the rinsing of ~200 1.5-2ml micro centrifuge tubes.



  • Remove mass spectrometry interfering chemicals
  • Remove contaminating peptides, proteins, including keratin
  • Cost effective alternative to siliconized tubes



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