Proteomic Protein Controls

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Protein preparations specifically prepared for standardizing electrophoresis methods and protocols.


Substantially free from non-protein agents such as nucleic acids, detergents, salts, lipids and other common laboratory agents. The protein preparation has low conductivity (< 50µS). Supplied as dry protein pellets (2 x 2mg/vial).


Simply rehydrate protein pellets in an appropriate buffer and load as normal. Proteomic Protein Sample Controls are available from animal cells, E. coli, yeast, and plant.


CONTROL SET: A set containing one 2mg vial of mammalian, yeast, E. coli and plant proteins.



  • Protein preparations free from non-protein agents.
  • Low conductivity.
  • Supplied as dry protein pellets, simply re-hydrate and use.



  • Use as controls for standardizing electrophoresis methods and protocols.



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