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Protn-Latex™ is a simple and reliable method for estimation of protein contamination in latex. Protein estimation can be performed either on the production site or in any laboratory with a minimum of skill or instrumentation. The test detects as low as 25-40µg protein /gm latex (or 25-50 parts per million).  
When a sample of protein solution is applied on the test strip it produces compact and symmetrical protein spots, the diameter of protein spots are proportional to protein concentration. The test kit is supplied with latex protein extraction buffer. After extraction of protein from the latex sample, the extract is applied on the test strip and the test strip is developed to produce protein spots. By measuring the diameter of protein spots with the Protn-Latex™ card (supplied with each kit) you can reliably determine the range of protein concentration in the sample. For more information read Alam, A. (1996)  Rubber World: 213: 17.



  • Test of protein contamination in latex, latex products, or any other sample.
  • Determination of protein concentration in test samples.
  • Production and field test kit for protein detection and estimation.
  • Protein test documentation.



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Protn-Latex™, Protn-Latex™ with application device

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