PTFE Encapsulated Samarium Cobolt Stir Disc, 13mm Diameter, Pk10

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DescriptionSamarium Cobolt stir disc (13mm) with 29 MGO, Pk12. Samarium Cobolt Stir Discs are made from Samarium Cobolt (SmCo) encapsulated in PTFE. One of the distinct advantages of Samarium Cobalt is that it is heat stable to 300C which means it can be autoclaved and heat sterilized without losing magnetic strength.  It can also be used a stir element in heated reaction vessels.The disc design of the VP 779 series makes them significantly more efficient at  moving liquid and thereby mixing solution in the tumble mode.  Selecting a disc that is slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the vessel to be stirred results in the most efficient stirring.  To stir viscous material requires greater energy so we constructed these discs from Samarium Cobalt and encapsulated them with PTFE to make them inert. SpecificationMagnetic material: Samarium CobaltEncapsulation material: PTFEMagnet Strength: 29 MGOOperating Temp: 260CDiamater: 13mmThickness: 1.8mmPack Size: 10