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An ultra sensitive and ready-to-use protein stain based on Coomassie dye. No mixing or preparation is involved. No fixation step is needed. Simply rinse gel, add RAPIDstain™ and protein bands develop within 5 to10 minutes, reaching a maximum visibility in an hour. Mini-gels can be stained in 10 minutes.

RAPIDstain™ only stains protein, leaving a crystal-clear background resulting in high band visibility. The gels require no destaining. The protein band intensity is enhanced by simply rinsing with water.

RAPIDstain™ has the sensitivity to detect as little as 4 to 8ng BSA. Staining shows a linear response for densitometric gel analysis and produces sharp scanning or photographic results.

RAPIDstain™ is supplied in 1 liter, sufficient reagent to stain up to 50 mini gels (8 x 10cm) or as a 1 gallon size for staining up to 200 mini gels



  • Ultra sensitive: 4-8ng BSA
  • Time Saving: band develops in 5-10 minutes
  • Single step method
  • No methanol or acetic acid destaining agents



  • For the staining of protein electrophoresis (polyacrylamide) gels
  • Compatible with native PAGE, SDS-PAGE, denaturing, isoelectric focusing, or 2D gels



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1 Gallon, 1 Liter



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