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The SDC™ (Steroid/ Drug/ Compound) Immobilization kit is designed for the immobilization of steroids, drugs and chemical compounds that lack primary amines, sulfhydryls, carbonyls and other common coupling groups to a solid-phase agarose support for the use in affinity purification.  The kit uses our Immobilized DADPA (diaminodipropylamine) resin that can bind steroids, drugs and chemical compounds through their active hydrogens. 


The coupling uses the Mannich reaction, which is described as the condensation of formaldehyde with ammonia, in the form of its salt, and another compound containing an active hydrogen1.  The SDC™ Immobilization kit replaces the ammonia with the primary amine on the DADPA and the active hydrogen is supplied by the steroid, drug or chemical compound to be coupled.


Ideal for the generation of five 2ml affinity columns.



  • Uses our Immobilized DADPA (diaminodipropylamine) resin
  • Bind steroids, drugs and compounds through active hydrogens
  • Stable, covalent linkage



  • Immobilization of drugs, steroids and small metabolites through active hydrogens.
  • Ideal for compounds lacking primary amines, sulfhydryls, carbonyls and other common coupling groups



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