Senescence Histochemical Staining Kit

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X-Gal conveniently aliquoted into 4 separate vials to prolong shelf-life!
4 x 100 assays!
200ml assay volume!
Works on adhered/suspended cells or frozen tissue sections!
  Designed to be more convenient and cost efficient than other kits on the market. Our kit has been optimized to stain Sa-β-Gal specifically at pH 6 while remaining user friendly. Our high quality X-Gal substrate comes conveniently aliquoted in 4 vials to extend shelf-life and ensure high reproducibility from your first to last experiment. 
Senescence associated β-Galactosidase activity at pH 6 is one of the most frequently used biomarkers to detect senescent cells. This enzyme’s activity at this specific pH is only observed in senescent cells due to the overexpression of endosomal β-Galactosidase. While there are several modern substrates that are more sensitive, X-Gal remains the most popular substrate to detect Sa-β-Gal. This is due to the simplicity of the assay as well as being one of the most established methods of detecting senescence and therefore less likely to raise questions among reviewers.   

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