SG-Carboxypeptidase B (Recombinant)™

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SG-Carboxypeptidase B (Recombinant)™is the rat carboxypeptidase B expressed in E. coli. Carboxypeptidase B specifically hydrolyses basic amino acids including lysine, arginine and histidine from the C-terminal end of polypeptides. 

It is used in sequencing protein and peptides. Other applications are related to its origin and function such as use in studies involving new potential biomarkers for acute pancreatitis.



  • Animal free source of origin, therefore no any other contaminating proteases.
  • No protease inhibitors are present during preparation of SG-Recombinant Carboxypeptidase B™
  • High Purity: HPLC grade; single band on SDS-PAGE; no other contaminating proteases such as chymotrypsin and carboxypeptidase A. Less than 10ppm of recombinant trypsin.
  • Source: E. coli
  • MW: 34.5 kDa
  • Stability: SG-Carboxypeptidase B (Recombinant)™ is shipped as lyophilized powder with stabilizing additives and so is highly stable.
  • Unit defination: One unit of carboxypeptidase B hydrolysis one micromole of hippuryl-L-arginine per minute at 25°C, pH7.5
  • Specific activity : ≥170 U/mg



  • SG-Carboxypeptidase B (Recombinant)™ is used in sequencing protein and peptides.


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SG-Carboxypeptidase B (Recombinant)™

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