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SG-Glutamic-C is a serine endopeptidase, from S. aureus V8, that is highly specific for the cleavage of peptide bonds at the carboxy side of either aspartic or glutamic acid, depending on the buffer used. In Tris-HCl buffer, in particular in the absence of phosphate ions, the enzyme is specific for the glutamyl site. Recommended buffers for fragmentation of proteins using this enzyme are 50mM Tris-HCI, pH 8.0 or bicarbonate buffer. Highly purified preparations of SG-Glutamic-C are chemically modified making the enzyme both resistant to autolysis and stabilizes its enzymatic activity.


SG-Glutamic-C is supplied lyophilized in 10μg vials. The enzyme is typically reconstituted to a concentration of 0.5μg/ml and commonly used at a ratio of 1:100 to 1:20 (enzyme to protein, by weight) in a standard digestion buffer.




  • Modified Glutamic-C for sequence analysis.

  • Resistant to autolysis and degradation.

  • High Specificity, free from other known endopeptidases.

  • Consistency of activity levels from lot to lot for reproducible digestions.

  • Recommended SG-Glutamic-C™ to protein ratio, 1:100 to 1:20.



  • Digestion of proteins for sequence analysis.

  • Suitable for sequencing applications.



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