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G-Biosciences Silica Magnetic Beads are Fe3O4 magnetic beads coated with a silicon dioxide (SiO2) layer. Since silica is able to bind to the nucleic acids, G-Biosciences Silica Magnetic Beads serve as a simple and efficient tool for plasmid DNA purification for transfection or sequencing applications, genomic DNA purification for research or clinical applications, RNA purification for qPCR analysis, or PCR product clean-up for downstream analysis.



  • Capacity: >4mg DNA/ml beads
  • 2.5-4.5µm particle size
  • Bead concentration: 50mg/ml
  • Bead density: ~1.03g/cm3
  • Simple, short procedure
  • No costly columns required
  • No time consuming centrifugations required



  • plasmid DNA isolation
  • genomic DNA isolation
  • RNA purifcation for qPCR
  • PCR product clean up



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