Standard Drop-Sequencing Chip

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Standard Drop-Sequencing Chip

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Standard FlowJEM Drop-Sequencing Chip (Microfluidic Device) for the generation of highly mono-dispersed droplets required for the Drop-sequencing technique. Each chip contains x26 independent ‘devices’ fabricated on Sylguard 184 (silicone elastmer, Polydimethylsiloxane) mounted on a microscope glass slide and treated with Aquapel. Each Microfluidic Device contains inlets for oil, cells & beads / lysis buffer and an outlet for oil/cell/bead droplets.

FlowJEM’s Drop-sequencing chip offers exactly the same design as detailed in the latest McCarroll lab protocol.

Features & Benefits

  • Latest Design Each Droplet Generation Device is based on the design recommended in the latest McCarroll lab Drop-seq protocol, ensuring the best chances of succes
  • Precision Engineered Robust Devices durable over a wide-range of pressures, temperatures and flow rates
  • 26 Droplet Generation Devices Per Chip, Provides value for money in a chip which lasts. When the life of one device is depleted, simply move onto the next one
  • Produces Highly Mono-Dispersed Droplets, Reliable and consistent generation of droplets ofoptimal size for Drop-sequencing
  • Efficient Production Of Transcript Libraries, Superior design promotes optimal mixing of component fluids, thereby minimizing bead shearing or premature lysis of cells and mRNA release


Material: Sylguard 184 (silicone elastmer, Polydimethylsiloxane) and microscope glass slides

Hydrophobic Treatment: Aquapel

Dimensions: 75 x 50mm (microscope slide size)

Number of Devices / chip: 26