Sterile Microcentrifuge Tube 1.5 mL (RINO) 500/case

Key Features

RINO brand 1.5 mL screw-cap microcentrifuge tubes with caps for Bullet Blender Storm and Bullet Blender Gold model microcentrifuge style Bullet Blenders. Use with a RINO lid gasket. Sterile, RNase & DNase free.

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Sterile Microcentrifuge Tube 1.5 mL (RINO)1.5 mL RINO screw-cap microcentrifuge tubes, box of 500, for use in the Bullet Blender Gold (BB24-AU) and Bullet Blender Storm (BBY24M) models. These tubes are made of a special extra tough material and have caps designed to stay closed during vigorous homogenization. Learn more!Pack of 500, PCR clean, RNase & DNase free. Use only with RINO lid gasket. Older Bullet Blenders will need a lid gasket and a small modification to their Bullet Blender. Email customer support or call 1.518.674.3510 x2.