Sulfhydryl Coupling Resin

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The Sulfhydryl Coupling Resin is designed for the simple and efficient coupling of peptides and proteins to a solid 6% agarose support through free sulfhydryl groups (-SH). The iodoacetyl groups of the Sulfhydryl Coupling Resin specifically react with free sulfhydryls to form covalent, permanent thioether bonds (see figure). The long spacer arm reduces steric hindrance and ensures greater binding of proteins and antibodies during affinity purification.


Also available in a kit format for the generation of affinity columns by immobilizing proteins to 2ml spin columns.


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  • Simple & efficient coupling of peptides & proteins
  • Stable coupling of proteins & peptides to form covalent thioether bonds
  • Long spacer arm for reduced steric hindrance &greater protein & antibody binding
  • Couples 1-2mg peptide & 2-20mg protein/ml resin



  • Immobilization & coupling of free sulfhydryls of peptides, proteins & ligands
  • Antibody purification
  • Affinity Chromatography




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10ml resin, 250ml resin, 3 x 250ml resin, 3 x 50ml resin, 5 x 2ml column, 50ml Resin


Sulfhydryl Coupling Resin

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BESP-786-795 3 x 50ml resin Sulfhydryl Coupling Resin £1,364.00
BESP-786-796 3 x 250ml resin Sulfhydryl Coupling Resin £5,365.00