Sulfhydryl Immobilization Kit for Proteins

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The Sulfhydryl Immobilization Kit for Proteins is a complete kit designed for the simple and efficient coupling of proteins to a solid agarose support. The Sulfhydryl Coupling Resin Columns utilizes iodoacetyl groups that specifically react with free sulfhydryls to form covalent, permanent thioether bonds (see figure). The long spacer arm reduces steric hindrance and ensures greater binding of proteins and antibodies during affinity purification.  


Proteins, including antibodies, must have free sulfhydryls for immobilization to the resin. A mild reducing agent, 2-Mercaptoethylamine, is supplied to reduce the hinge region disulfide bonds of antibodies, while preserving the functionally crucial disulfide bonds between the heavy and light chains. 


The resulting columns can be used to study protein-protein interactions or for purification, via affinity chromatography. The columns, depending on the stability of the immobilized molecule, can be used several times without significant loss of activity.


For generating protein affinity columns through sulfhydryls, we recommend our Sulfhydryl Immobilization Kit for Peptides



  • Generates 5 reusable affinity columns
  • Spin Format
  • Specific conjugation through free sulfhydryls
  • High Capacity: 2-40mg protein/ column
  • Specific kits for protein
  • Supplied with mild reducing agent for generation of free sulfhydryls



  • Immobilize proteins to purify interacting molecules
  • Immobilize antibodies in the correct orientation



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