Sulfo SHPP (Water Soluble Bolton Hunter Reagent)

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£172.00 ex. VAT
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G-Biosciences water-soluble Bolton-Hunter Reagent (Sulfo-SHPP) conjugates tyrosine-like groups to end-terminal α-amino groups or ε-amino groups of lysine to increase the number of tyrosyl groups that can be iodinated by iodine-125 labeling procedures.


Radioactive iodine (125I) is routinely used by researchers to label proteins. The iodination of proteins can be performed enzymatically or chemically. The Bolton-Hunter reagent is designed to aid the labeling of proteins with radioactive iodine.


Click here for the original Bolton-Hunter reagent.



  • Synonyms: Sulfosuccinimidyl-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl) propionate; Sulfo SHPP; Water Soluble Bolton-Hunter Reagent
  • CAS Number: 106827-57-0
  • Molecular Weight: 365.3
  • Ideal for proteins with masked or no tyrosine residues
  • Optimal reaction at pH 8.5
  • Water soluble



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