TCEP Reducing Resin

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 G-Biosciences TCEP Reducing Resin consists of Tris[2-carboxyethyl] phosphine hydrocholride covalently coupled to 4% crosslinked beaded agarose. The resin allows for the efficient reduction of peptide and protein disulfide bonds.


The advantage of immobilizing the TCEP to resin is that the reducing agent can rapidly be removed from the reaction and limit downstream interference.


TCEP is a water-soluble, odorless, non-toxic and stable protein reductant. This potent reducing agent is a popular alternative to ß-mercaptoethanol and DTT (dithiothreitol) use for most applications. The reduction potency of TCEP is twice as high as that of DTT, and TCEP is effective in reducing proteins over a wider range of pH conditions, including lower acidic pH ranges (pH 2-11), compared to other reductants.


Since TCEP is a charged molecule, it cannot penetrate hydrophobic environments. Therefore, the use of a denaturant, acidic condition (pH 2.8-5) or basic condition (pH 9-11), is recommended for effective reduction.


TCEP reduces stable disulfide bonds in less than 5 minutes at room temperature and is compatible with the protein alkylation reactions.


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  • Highly versatile: For peptides and proteins in various environments
  • Odorless: Eliminate nasty odors
  • Stable
  • Save time with rapid removal of TCEP



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