Total Protein Extraction (TPE™)

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The TPE™ kit is a universal lysis system designed for the solubilization and extraction of total proteins from cells and tissues for SDS-PAGE Analysis.  The kit is suitable for animal, plant, yeast, bacteria, and other biological samples.


The TPE™ kit provides a two component protocol  that eliminates clump formation, protein loss, and other problems associated with total protein extraction procedures.  Samples are ground in the buffer provided and then heated to solubilize the total protein.


The TPE™ kit is based on optimized concentration of Tris and SDS and is suitable for running denaturing electrophoresis and other downstream applications.



  • Ready-to-use buffers
  • Two component extraction protocol
  • Based on an optimized concentration of Tris and SDS
  • Supplied with sufficient reagents for 50 x 250mg preparations



  • For solubilization of total proteins for electrophoresis and other applications



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