TracRack for 0.2/0.5ml tubes

Key Features

-Helps reduce potential cross contamination
-Saves valuable working space and allows more room for sample manipulation
-Stops opened microfuge lids with interfering with other wells
-Alphanumeric well identification
-Tube segments sold with the box

U of M: Each
Material: Polypropylene, both rack and box
Well Diameter: 5.1 mm(0.2ml), 7.8 mm(0.5ml)
Dimensions: 12.93 x 13.0 x 3.5 cm
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Special Requirements?


Take What You Need and Store the Rest Features:-Removing and working with samples from cold temperature storage has never been easier-Enables lab professionals to remove one row of samples at a time-Eight individual segments are nested in a 2” polypropylene film box that allows users to easily open, identify and remove only the segments of samples needed-Once the segments are removed, simply replace the box lid and leave the remaining samples in storage-Alphanumeric well identification Outer Box: -Thin film polypropylene material -Stores down to -80°C -Moisture resistant, significantly reducing the chance of mold -Light-blocking -Fits 2” freezer racks