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Trypsin is a serine endopeptidase that specifically cleaves peptide bonds on the carboxy side of s-aminoethyl cysteine, arginine and lysine residues. Typically there is little or no cleavage at arginyl-proline and lysyl-proline bonds.
This trypsin is purified from bovine pancreas, 1X crystallized, dialyzed against 1mM HCl and lyophilized. 
>150 TAME untis/ mg protein. One Unit hydrolyzes 1µmole of p-toluene-sulfonyl-L-arginine methyl ester (TAME) per minute at 25°C, pH 8.2, in the presence of 10mM calcium.
For mass spectrometry sequence analysis, we recommend our ultra-pure MSG-Trypsin that is specifically designed for mass spectrometry.



  • Synonym: Cocoonase
  • CAS Number: 9002-07-7
  • Linear Formula: C6H15O12P3
  • Molecular Weight: 372.1
  • EC Number:



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