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Tube-O-Array is specifically designed for multiple dialysis equilibrations of different samples in different buffers with Tube-O-DIALYZER.


Tube-O-Array is a low cost system that allows for the rapid equilibration of samples in minimal buffer, requires minimal hands-on manipulation and can be used for 1-12 samples.


Simply transfer your samples into Tube-O-DIALYZER and position in the micro dialysis cup containing as little as 2ml dialysis or equilibration buffer. Place the Tube-O-Array on a shaker. Mixing of the dialysis buffer is achieved with the addition of the supplied stirring balls.


Tube-O-Array is supplied with:

  • Array dialyzer tray, which holds 12 Tube-O-DIALYZER
  • 12 Micro dialyzer cups
  • 12 Micro and 12 Medi Floats
  • Stirring balls (100)


Individual Tube-O-DIALYZER are supplied separately.



  • Dialysis of multiple samples.
  • Equilibration of samples for 2D analysis and other applications.
  • Dialysis of samples for lowering salt concentration and conductivity.
  • Ideal for equilibrium dialysis.





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