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Tube-O-Reactor™ is a system that allows all the key steps of cross linking, coupling and modification of proteins and/or nucleic acids to be performed in a single tube. This minimizes the risk of sample loss, of experimental time and of hands-on phases.

Most of the above reactions involve three main steps:
  1. Equilibration of reaction conditions for optimized reactions
  2. Subsequent reaction with target agents (i.e. cross linkers and labels)
  3. Removal of unreacted agents and by-products
The Tube-O-Reactor™ system is available in three MWCO sizes, 4kDa, 8kDa and 15kDa. Tube-O-Reactor™ is supplied as a Micro kit for sample sizes of 20-250μl and a Medi size for samples of 0.2-2ml.
Each Tube-O-Reactor™ is suitable for 5 reactions, depending on sample volumes, and is supplied with:
  • 5 Medi or 5 Micro Tube-O-DIALYZER™
  • 5 Floats for each size of Tube-O- DIALYZER™
  • 5 Micro Dialysis Reaction Chambers
  • Glass balls

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