UPPA-I & II Pack

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Our Universal Protein Precipitation Agent, commonly known as UPPA™, has been specifically designed for the quantitative concentration of protein solutions as dilute as 1ng/ml into a small volume. Protein concentration and precipitation is not affected by the presence of detergents, chaotropics, or other common laboratory agents. The protein precipitate is suspended in a small volume buffer. If the protocol is followed correctly, the recovery is generally 100%.


UPPA™ is suitable for concentrating proteins for running gels, protein purification, protein assays, and other applications. It is not suitable for proteins which may lose some of their biological activities when precipitated; for such proteins, use our Column-PROTEIN-Concentrate™ (Cat. No. 786-126) or our OrgoSol-PROTEIN-Concentrate™ (Cat. No. 786-125).







  • Concentrate proteins for 1D electrophoresis, protein purification and protein assays



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