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Well-Coated™ Neutravidin™ plates are designed to specifically bind biotinylated molecules, including biotin tagged antibodies, with minimal non-specific binding.  This is particular advantageous for antibodies known to denature upon direct binding to polystyrene plates. 


Biotin exhibits an extraordinary binding affinity for avidin (Ka=1015M-1) and Neutravidin™ (Ka=1015 M-1).  Biotin and avidin interaction is rapid and once the bond is established it can survive up to 3M guanidine-hydrochloride and extremes of pH. Biotin-avidin bonds can only be reversed by denaturing the avidin protein molecule with 8M guanidine-hydrochloride at pH1.5 or by autoclaving.  Neutravidin™ is in many respects is similar to avidin except that it has no carbohydrate side chains to eliminate lectin binding; is of near neutral pI (6.3) to reduce non-specific adsorption; lacks the RYD sequence eliminating interaction with RGD domain of adhesion receptors.   The binding of Neutravidin™ is similar to that of avidin and streptavidin with less non-specific binding. 


Well-Coated™ Neutravidin™ plates are suitable for direct, indirect, competitive and sandwich assays.  The wells are coated to a 100µl depth and are supplied pre-blocked in our proprietary Superior™ Blocking Buffer.  The clear, white and black plates are offered for colorimetric, chemiluminescence and fluorescent detection systems, respectively.



  • High binding capacity for biotin
  • Low non-specific binding
  • Ideal for peptides, antibodies and small hydrophilic molecules
  • Reduced non-specific binding as plates are pre-blocked with Superior™ Blocking Buffer



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