Well-Coated™ Sulfhydryl Binding

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Well-Coated™ Sulfhydryl Binding plates are designed to specifically bind free sulfhydryls of peptides, proteins and other molecules.  The Well-Coated™ Sulfhydryl Binding plates are designed to overcome the inherent issues of passive adsorption for immobilizing peptides and other ligands for binding assays.


Well-Coated™ Sulfhydryl Binding plates are maleimide activated plates that react with free sulfhydryls to form stable thioether bonds at pH 6.5-7.5.  pH >7.5 significantly increases the reaction of amines with the maleimide groups. 


The wells are coated to a 100µl depth and are supplied pre-blocked in our proprietary Superior™ Blocking Buffer.  The clear, white and black plates are offered for colorimetric, chemiluminescence and fluorescent detection systems, respectively.


We recommend the use of  Ellman’s Reagent  to determine the amount of free sulfhydryls present on your peptdie, protein or ligand. For reducing agents to reduce disulfide bridges to generate free sulfhydryls click here.  For peptides or proteins lacking sulfhydryls, SATA (N-Succinimidyl-S-acetylthioacetate) or Traut’s Reagent (2-Iminothiolane hydrochloride) can be used to add sulfhydryls via amine modification.




  • Rapid binding of sulfhydryls
  • Stable plates
  • Reduced non-specific binding as plates are pre-blocked with Superior™ Blocking Buffer



  • For the binding of peptides, proteins and other ligands through free sulfhydryls.



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