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Based on our popular Western ReProbe™, the modified formulation allows for the removal of stubborn, high affinity antibodies from membrane bound proteins without destroying the antigenic binding affinity.  The membrane bound protein is retained on the membrane and the matching antibodies are washed away.  Once the antigen-antibody bonds are broken, the membrane bound protein is free to accept new antibodies.


Each 100ml of Western ReProbe™ PLUS is sufficient for 25-30 standard size (7.5cm x 8.5cm) western blots.


Western ReProbe™ PLUS is not recommended for stripping color producing Western blots that use substrates such as TMB, chloronapthol and DAB. 



  • Remove high affinity antibodies
  • Simply incubate the blot in Western ReProbe™ PLUS at room temp & wash
  • No boiling, denaturants or SDS required
  • Repeated analysis of Western blots with multiple probes
  • Re-analysis & correction of unsatisfactory Western blots
  • Conservation of hard-to-obtain test samples & reagents
  • Time saving in not rerunning gels & transfer processes



  • Screen same blot with different antibodies
  • Reprobe for housekeeping proteins
  • Compare phosphorylated & total protein on the same blot



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