Work2Store Micro

Key Features

U of M: Each

Temp. Range: -80°C to 121°C

Additional Info: Holds up to 64 x 0.5ml microtubes on one side and 96 x 0.2ml microtubes on the other side. Will fit into standard 2″ (52mm) freezer racking.

Dimensions Open: 310mm L x 128mm W x 31mm H
Dimensions Closed: 133mm L x 133mm W x 48mm

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Reduce sample handling time and the need for several racks when working with samples for cold temperature storage with the Work2Store™ expanding storage rack. The opening and closing mechanism allows the rack to expand, creating needed room for sample manipulation. Then simply collapse the rack back to its compact form and it is ready for the freezer. Wells have a center depression to stabilize conical tubes and a cryogenic vial lock for one handed cap removal.